Creating and Modifying Activations

You can create Activations using Hevo Activate, in order to sync data from an Amazon Redshift Destination to a Salesforce Target database. Activations are incremental in terms of the data that is loaded. You can schedule an Activation to run at a pre-defined frequency. However, you can restart an (incremental) activation and also use the Run Now option to run it on demand.


  • The Amazon Redshift data warehouse from where the data is to be synchronized is configured as a Destination in Hevo.

  • Salesforce CRM database is configured as the Target system.

Creating an Activation

Perform the following steps to create an Activation:

Step 1 - Select the Destination to load data from

  1. In the Asset Palette, click ACTIVATE.

  2. If you are creating your first Activation, click +CREATE ACTIVATION in the Activate home page.

    Else, click + CREATE ACTIVATION in the Activations List View.

  3. In the Select Destination page, select the Destination data warehouse where the data to be activated is present. Else, click ADD DESTINATION to configure the Amazon Redshift Destination where the data to be synchronized resides.

    Select Destination

Step 2: Select the Data to Synchronize

In the Select the Data to Synchronize page:

  1. Specify the Activation Name.

  2. Create the SQL Query to fetch data from one or multiple tables of the Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

    Note: The UNSVED CHANGES text is displayed on the SQL Query dialog if you modify a saved query, till it is tested and verified.

  3. Click TEST QUERY to validate the query.

    Select the data to be sync'ed

  4. After the query is successfully tested, click +CONTINUE.

Step 3. Specify the Target Details

  1. In the Select a Salesforce Activate Target page, select the Salesforce database where the data is to be loaded. Alternatively, click + ADD TARGET to add one and follow the steps listed here.

  2. In the Map Fields page, select the Salesforce Target object to which the data must be loaded.

  3. Map the fields from the Amazon Redshift data warehouse to the fields in the Salesforce object.

  4. Select one of the following options to define how the data must be loaded:

    • Add Rows: Directly add the row after the last record.

    • Update Existing Rows: Look for existing records based on primary key information to update them. If no existing records exist, the new fields are inserted as new records.

Step 4. Schedule the Activation

  1. Specify the frequency for ingesting the data. The default frequency is 1 hr.

  2. Click SCHEDULE.

    Schedule an activation

    A message is displayed to confirm the Activation creation.

    Successful activation

Modifying an Activation

You can modify an Activation to change the:

  • Activation Name

  • Frequency of ingesting data

  • Mapping of the ingested fields to the Salesforce object.

  • SQL Query for fetching data. The UNVERIFIED CHANGES label is displayed till the new query is tested and validated.

    Modify mapping of an Activation

Last updated on 25 Jan 2021