Release Version 2.20.1

Last updated on Feb 19, 2024

This is a minor release and will be integrated into the next major release. At that time, this release note will be merged into the next main release note.

In this release, we have addressed the following issues to improve the usage and functionality of our product features. To know the list of features and integrations we are working on next, read our Upcoming Features page!

The content on this site may have changed or moved since you last viewed it. As a result, some of your bookmarks may become obsolete. Therefore, we recommend accessing the latest content via the Hevo Docs website.

In this Release

Upcoming Breaking Changes


  • Support for Version 012024 in LinkedIn Ads  Breaking change

    • Effective March 15, 2024, LinkedIn Ads is deprecating the existing API version 032023. We will soon be supporting LinkedIn Ads API Version 012024, which contains new and improved capabilities. This enhancement will also include changes in the schema that may impact Pipelines created with this Source.

      Please stay tuned for further communication about the enhancement and its release date.

New and Changed Features

Account Management

  • New Pricing Plan

    • Introduced the Professional pricing plan, effective February 5, 2024. This plan offers an Events quota of 20 Million, 50 Million, and 100 Million Events, allowing you to choose the configuration that best suits your requirements.

      Read Pricing Plans.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Additional Validations while Mapping Event Types to Amazon Redshift Destination

    • Fixed an issue whereby Pipelines were getting stuck as Hevo was unable to map a Source Event Type to the Destination table. This occurred when the database user configured in the Destination was used to manually create tables without being assigned query permissions on those tables. Hevo now validates the available permissions and displays an error to prevent such issues.


  • Handling of Data Mismatch Issues in SurveyMonkey

    • Fixed an issue whereby Hevo was not fetching matrix questions as part of the Surveys object. This was leading to a data mismatch between the Source and the Destination.

User Experience

  • 24/7 Online Indicator for Live Chat

    • Fixed an issue whereby the online indicator for Live Chat turned off at certain times of the week, despite the Support team being online and available 24/7.
  • Faster Signup Flow for New Users

    • Optimized the internal APIs to make the signup process in Hevo faster and more seamless. This reduces the time required for users to create an account in Hevo.
  • Improved Validations for Workflow Runs

    • Fixed an issue whereby the Workflow status was marked Running although the run had failed. This issue was observed when an Activation included in the Workflow was in a Paused state and hence, failed to run. As a result, every run of the Workflow failed. Now, the Workflow is marked as Failed if an Activation included in it has not run or has failed.

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