Billing Plans

Hevo offers you the following paid subscriptions or billing plans. Each plan has an Overage Billing Plan associated with it, which decides the additional amount you are billed if you exceed the number of events allowed in your plan. If you are currently a Trial user, the paid subscription becomes effective from the day your Trial subscription ends. You can also select the billing plan upon expiry of the trial period.

Plan Plan Details On-Demand Events
Basic Includes upto 2 Sources, 1 Destination, and 2 Data Models, 20 million/month
Starter Includes upto 5 Sources, 1 Destination, and 5 Data Models 100 million/month
Business Includes upto 10 Sources, 10 Destinations, and 10 Data Models 1 billion/month

The On Demand Events offering enables you to increase the limit on the number of Events you can process in a month. You are charged for the entire bundle even if you partially consume it. For example, if you are subscribed to the Basic plan and the overage cost is USD 100 for every 20 million events per month, and you process 20.1 million events in February, then, you are charged USD 200. Your invoice for March 1st shows the overage billing (along with the monthly subscription charges in case of monthly billing plan)

Note: On-Demand Events are billed monthly.

In addition to these plans, you can also request for a Custom Plan. To do this, select Custom Plan while selecting your plan and provide your contact details. Hevo team will contact you to customize the plan for you.

Hevo offers you both, Monthly and Yearly billing options. Read more about Pricing and Billing Plans.

Augmenting your Current Plan

You can increase the number of Sources and Models available to you through Add On Subscriptions that Hevo offers.

Viewing Current Usage

You can view the number of Events, Sources, and Models you are consuming in the PLAN DETAILS page within Billing.

Current usage of Sources and Models

Counting Sources for Billing

For billing purposes, the number of Sources are calculated as the total number of unique instances across all Sources that you have consumed. Therefore, whether you have five Pipelines with unique database hostnames (or IP addresses) for the same MySQL database or five Pipelines with one database hostname each for MySQL, Aurora MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and Azure SQL databases, both are counted as five Sources. See Counting Sources for Billing to know how a unique instance is identified in Hevo for each Source.

Calculating Usage for Billing

Hevo charges you based on the selected billing plan and Add Ons, irrespective of whether you are consuming the full capacity of these plans or not. if you unsubscribe from the plan, Hevo refunds you the adjusted amount based on the time remaining in the subscription. If you exceed the number of Events allowed in your plan, you are charged as per the related overage plan.

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Last updated on 26 Aug 2020