Selecting the Right Pricing Plan

Last updated on May 30, 2023
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All customers are provided a 14-day free trial of the product when they sign up for a Trial account or directly subscribe to a plan in Hevo. Any Pipelines you create and the Events you load during this period are free of cost. You can, therefore, use the trial period to determine the plan that best suits your data replication requirements, as follows:

  1. Try connecting to all the Sources you need and create Pipelines with these.

  2. Optimize the Pipeline frequency for each Source as per your data needs.

  3. Allow the Pipeline to run for at least four to five days. This allows you to get an estimate of the per-day average of your Events usage. You can do this in the following ways:

    • View your Events usage. Remember, historical data load is free.

    • View the Pipeline Usage Summary via the Pipeline dashboard and also download the detailed Pipeline-level or Object-level reports.

    • Slice and dice the summary usage details to review Pipeline-level Event consumption. Depending on your business requirements, you may want to keep a different buffer for the expected Events count for each Pipeline.

  4. Extrapolate the monthly usage as, Average Events consumed per day x 30.

  5. Assume a 5-10% variance in the Events usage volume to arrive at the suitable pricing plan.

  6. Reach out to for any further assistance in deciding the most suitable plan for you.

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