Getting Alerts in Slack

Hevo can send you alerts and important information regarding your pipelines into your Slack channel. Following is a walkthrough of the steps to enable that:

Select Settings

Go to Admin by clicking user details in the top right of app screen. Select Settings menu from the list of options that appear.

Add Slack Integration

Select Alerts tab and then select Slack Integrations section. Then Click Add Slack Integration button.

Sign In to Your Slack Team using Your Credentials

(skip to step 4 if you are already signed in)

After sign in, you will be taken to the Slack authorization page to connect Hevo app to your slack team.

Select the Channel on Which You Want Alerts

Click On Authorize After Selecting the Channel to Complete the Setup

You can use Slackbot or your user to get personal alerts sent directly to you.

Hevo can connect to your slack team now and will start pushing alerts to your selected channels.

Note that you can configure multiple channels for alerts. Just click on Add Slack Integration again and follow the above steps.

Last updated on 14 Feb 2022