Hevo lets you replicate your HubSpot data into your data warehouse using HubSpot REST API.

Let’s walk through steps for adding HubSpot as a source.

To set up HubSpot account in Hevo, Hevo requires:

  • Administrator permissions in HubSpot to replicate CRM and Marketing Objects, and Super Admin to replicate Email Events
  • Sales administrator permissions to replicate Sales Objects.

You can find more information about HubSpot user permissions here in HubSpot Knowledge Base.

Connection Settings

You need to configure some basic details after selecting HubSpot from the source list.

Authorize Hevo to read data.

  • Click Add HubSpot Account, You will be redirected to sign into HubSpot account.
  • Once you’re logged in, select the HubSpot account you want to fetch data for. After authorization you will be redirected back to Hevo.

Pipeline Name

This is the name that will display on the Dashboard for the pipeline.

HubSpot schemas

Hevo fetches contacts, companies, company_contacts, email_events, forms, email_campaign, line_items, products.

Custom HubSpot field replication

Hevo supports custom object properties, or fields. Hevo queries the properties list for each object and, if custom fields are available, replicate them to your destination. The data types of these fields will be the same as the data type in HubSpot. This is applicable to any object (For example, Contacts and Companies) that supports custom fields in HubSpot.