Asset Palette

The Asset Palette is a vertical panel listing all the Hevo assets that you can work with. The version of Hevo that you are using is displayed at the bottom of the palette.

Asset Palette

Refer to the descriptions below to understand how you can use the Asset Palette to quickly access the different Hevo features while being anywhere in the application.

Pipelines: Pipelines enable you to transfer data from your Source application to a Destination database, data warehouse, or a file server. Click the Pipelines icon to open the Pipelines List View, which lists all the Pipelines created by your team along with summary information about these. You can click on any Pipeline to open it in the Detailed View.

Transform: Transform enables you to create Models that organize the data in your Destination so that it can be consumed by your analytics and BI tools. You can also create Workflows that can query and combine data from two Sources in a common format using Models. Click the Transform icon to access the Models and Workflows tabs.

Activate: Activate enables you to query and transform the raw data loaded to your data warehouse from one or more Pipelines, and synchronize it with a Target CRM application.

Destinations: Destinations signify the database, data warehouse, or file system, where your Source data is replicated using the Hevo Pipeline. You can create Destinations independently or during Pipeline creation. Click the Destinations icon to open the Destinations List View, which lists all the Destinations configured in Hevo by your team along with summary information about these. You can click on any Destination to open it in the Detailed View).

Documentation: Hevo Documentation provides you the information you need to understand the product features, easily configure the Source and Destinations for your Pipelines, and customize the data replication as per your requirements.

Live Chat: Live Chat support enables you to reach out to a Hevo Support Engineer to quickly address any issue you face with the product.

Last updated on 29 Mar 2022