Release Version 2.08

Last updated on Jan 03, 2024

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Support for the Cluster Connection String in Amazon Redshift

    • Enhanced the Amazon Redshift integration to connect to your database using the cluster connection string. If you do not want to provide your access credentials, you can now grant the required access via the connection string.
      Amazon Redshift

      Read Amazon Redshift.


  • Support for Custom Objects in NetSuite ERP

    • Enhanced the integration to support ingestion of data from custom objects in NetSuite.

      Read NetSuite ERP.

  • Support for Custom Fields in Pardot

    • Enhanced the integration to support ingestion of custom fields for the Opportunity and Prospect objects in Pardot. This feature is applicable to all new Pipelines.

      Read Data Model.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Improved Handling of Data in MongoDB

    • Hevo now allows you to ingest the records even if their timestamp exceeds the current ingestion start time. Previously, if a record had a timestamp that exceeded the current ingestion start time, it would be skipped during the ingestion process. This enhancement helps you to reduce the delay in syncing records between your Source and Destination while ensuring that no records are missed due to timestamp differences. However, this feature is currently available only upon request, and you will need to contact Hevo Support to enable it for your team.
  • Optimized Data Ingestion for MongoDB

    • Fixed a bug where MongoDB Views were ingested into Hevo, despite not supporting OpLog or Change Streams. This prevented the ingestion of incremental data, resulting in stale data. To fix this, Hevo now does not ingest data from Views. This change is applicable to all new Pipelines.

      Read MongoDB.

  • Support for Modifying the Database Selection in Existing MongoDB Pipelines

    • Enhanced the MongoDB integration to modify the list of databases from which you want to ingest data, post-Pipeline creation. Previously, you had to create a new Pipeline to remove a database or ingest data from databases that you had not added while configuring your Pipeline. This change is applicable to all new and existing Pipelines.

User Experience

  • Improved the Data Spike Alerts Setup

    • Enhanced the readability of the Daily Events graph in the Set Daily Data Spike Alert pop-up window. This has been done by introducing labels for Maximum Events and Daily Events limit and a graph break for better scaling.
      Data Spike Alerts

      Read Data Spike Alerts.

  • Improved Transformations Content

    • Reorganized and improved the content for Python Transformations to enhance clarity and ease of access. Also, provided sample scripts and examples to help understand each method and block usage.

      Read Python Code-Based Transformations and the other pages within this section.

  • Improved Data Ingestion Content

    • Improved the content related to data ingestion and query modes to enhance clarity and reflect the latest functionality of the Hevo platform.

      Read Data Ingestion and the other pages within this section and Optimizing Query Modes for Objects.

Documentation Updates

The following pages have been created, enhanced, or removed in Release 2.08:

Account Management

Data Ingestion

Data Loading


Events Usage



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