Release Version 2.23.1

Last updated on May 06, 2024

This is a minor release and will be integrated into the next major release. At that time, this release note will be merged into the next main release note.

This is a minor release and will be integrated into the next major release. At that time, this release note will be merged into the next main release note.

In this release, we have addressed the following issues to improve the usage and functionality of our product features. To know the list of features and integrations we are working on next, read our Upcoming Features page!

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In this Release

Early Access Features


  • Upgraded Klaviyo v2 as a Source

    • Integrated Klaviyo v2, an upgraded version of Klaviyo, as a Source in Hevo. It uses the latest Klaviyo API version v2024-02-15, which contains new and enhanced capabilities. Effective June 30, 2024, the older Klaviyo Source will be sunset. As a result, Pipeline creation using this Source will be disabled, and existing Pipelines will be paused. You need to create new Pipelines using Klaviyo v2 to ensure a smooth transition.

      Please contact your Hevo account executive or the Support team to enable Klaviyo v2 for your team. As part of our Early Access program, Events loaded to the Destination using Klaviyo v2 are currently free of charge.

      Klaviyo v2

      Read Klaviyo v2.

      Refer to the Early Access page for the complete list of features available for early access.

New and Changed Features


  • Prioritized Data Loading to Data Warehouse Destination Tables

    • Enhanced the functionality of the loading task to allow prioritization of data loading to your data warehouse Destination tables. Now, you can manually initiate data loading to a Destination table both within and outside of the defined load schedule, giving you more control over the process. This behavior is an improvement over the earlier one, which loaded data based on sequential hierarchy rather than urgency.

      On Demand Data Loading

      This change is currently implemented only in the Asia-Pacific regions (Asia, Australia, and India) for monitoring purposes. Based on the assessment of its impact, it will be gradually implemented in other regions.

      Read Manually Triggering the Loading of Events.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Resolved Historical Load Failures for Google Search Console Source

    • Fixed an issue in the search analytics query that fetches the historical data for search appearance objects in the Google Search Console integration. This issue occurred because the query used the page experience parameter, which Google no longer supports in the Search APIs, to fetch search traffic data. Now, the query has been updated to not use this parameter while fetching the historical data for search appearance objects.

      This fix applies to new and existing Pipelines.

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