Creating a Workflow

The Workflow panel appears on clicking the WORKFLOW link. The side panel lists the workflows in your Hevo account. You can search for a workflow or create a new workflow by clicking the CREATE WORKFLOW button. Let’s begin by creating a new workflow.

Case Scenario

For instance, we have models created as follows:

1. Model for Customer details. (Name: customer_details)

2. Model for Product details. (Name: product_details)

3. Model for Sales insights. (Name: sales_insights)

So we are going to create a workflow for the above models.


Steps to follow

1. Click on “Add New Step”.

2. You will be seeing a drop-down dialogue box with models.

3. From the drop-down, please select the desired model.

4. Now you could see that the model is populating in the screen.

5. By clicking on “Add new step” you can add all the model you want with the workflow.

Now, by hover over the models, you could see the “(+)” symbol appearing. And by clicking on that you will be able to connect to the two different models.

For instance, we are going to connect the models as per the above scenario.

As per the setup above, the workflow will make sure that the dependencies (custom_details and product_details) will run first and then the “sales_insights” will run and load the data.


You will not be able to use the models that are in “Draft”.

Use of Workflows

Once the workflow created and the schedule has set for that, the respective data will be loaded to the table (here it’s “sales_insights” table) on each successful run of the workflow.

Last updated on 16 Oct 2020