Release Version 1.49 (Sep-28-2020)

Last updated on Oct 18, 2022


Hevo Managed Google BigQuery Data Warehouse

  • Hevo provides you a fully-managed Google BigQuery data warehouse if you do not already have a data warehouse Destination. Read Hevo Managed Google BigQuery.

  • Hevo enables you to integrate any BI tool with your managed BigQuery data warehouse. If you do not find your tool in the list, please reach out to Hevo Support over Intercom. Read Connecting to BI Tools.

Table Name Compression as per Destination Limits

  • Hevo uses a table and column name compression strategy to ensure that table names fit within the character limits imposed by various Destinations while being meaningful and unique. Read Table and Column Name Compression.

Deduplication of Records


Log Retention Alerts

  • For database Sources, Hevo displays an alert in your Pipeline if your log retention period is set too low and can adversely impact data ingestion. Read BinLog Alerts, OpLog Alerts.

Column Headers in CSV Data


Google Play

  • Hevo now supports Google Play as a Source. Read Google Play.


  • Hevo now supports Intercom as a Source. Read Intercom.


The following is the list of pages added or enhanced in Release 1.49:

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