Release Version 2.16.2

Last updated on Sep 11, 2023

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Note: This is a minor release and will be integrated into the next major release. At that time, this release notes content will be merged into the next main release notes.

New and Changed Features


  • Salesforce Bulk API V2 as a Source

    • Integrated Salesforce Bulk API V2, an improved version of Salesforce, for handling large amounts of data, as a Source in Hevo.

      To use this integration, you must authorize Hevo to access the Salesforce Bulk API V2 account from where you want to ingest the data.

      Salesforce API V2 RN

      Read Salesforce Bulk API V2.

      Note: This Source is available for all new and existing customers. However, if you are an existing customer, you must contact Hevo Support to get it enabled for your team. Also, currently, the Source is in Early Access, which means that the Events loaded to the Destination using this Source are free.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Handling of Internal Errors in Destinations

    • Fixed an issue whereby some Pipelines were failing due to an intermittent issue while loading data to a Destination.


  • Optimized Historical Load Parallelization

    • Extended the functionality of historical load parallelization to retry Events that failed during ingestion. This is an improvement over the earlier behavior in which failed Events were not retried, causing Pipeline failure.
  • Removed Support for Change Position in MySQL and Oracle Pipelines

    • Starting September 25, 2023, Hevo will stop supporting Change Position in MySQL and Oracle log-based Pipelines. As a result, you will not be able to ingest data from a different offset than the one determined by Hevo.


  • Handling Data Ingestion in Instagram Business

    • Fixed an issue whereby Pipelines were getting stuck while ingesting data from Instagram accounts that were converted from personal to business before Pipeline creation. This change is applicable to all new and existing Pipelines.
  • Migrating to Version 2023-07 of the Shopify API

    • From Release 2.16.3 onwards, we will use version 2023-07 of the Shopify API to fetch your data. This change will impact the following objects:

      Objects Changes
      Draft Order - Addition of the poNumber field.
      Order - Addition of the poNumber, current_total_additional_fees_set, and original_total_additional_fees_set fields.
      - Deletion of processing method field.
      Order Shipping Line - Deletion of the device_category field.
         Note: This is an outdated field and is being deprecated in version 2023-07.
      Transaction - Addition of the credit_card_name, credit_card_wallet, credit_card_expiration_month, and credit_card_expiration_year fields.

      To avoid any data loss, we recommend that you make the necessary adjustments to accommodate these changes. If you need the historical data for any of the new fields, you can restart the historical load for the respective object.

      This change will apply to all new and existing Pipelines created with Shopify App as the Source.

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