Release Version 2.19

Last updated on Apr 16, 2024

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This release note also includes the fixes provided in all the minor releases since 2.18.

To know the complete list of features available for early adoption before these are made generally available to all customers, read our Early Access page.

To know the list of features and integrations we are working on next, read our Upcoming Features page!

In this Release

Early Access Features

  • Improved Observability through Audit Tables

    • Audit Tables is a feature designed to help you monitor your Pipeline actions. It offers improved observability by providing granular information (logs) related to data ingestion and loading across all Pipelines in your account. Hevo provides this data in the form of tables in your preferred Destination. You can effectively monitor Events usage and track data replication stages across all Pipelines and each object within the Pipelines.

      This feature is available for new and existing customers upon request.

      Request Early Access

      Once this feature is enabled for you, you can set it up from the Alerts page of your account. Hevo then loads the logs to your desired Destination as per the schedule you define.

      Read Audit Tables.

Refer to the Early Access page for the complete list of features available for early access.

New and Changed Features


  • Automatic Query Mode Selection in Log-based SQL Server Pipelines

    • While creating log-based (Change Tracking) Pipelines, if an object does not have a primary key but contains a unique column, Hevo automatically uses the Unique Incrementing Append Only (UIAO) query mode. If both the primary key and unique column are not present, Hevo ingests data using the Full Load mode.

      This feature is applicable for customers signing up after Release 2.19.

  • Enhanced SQL Server Integration

    • Refined the SQL Server integration (all variants) in Hevo to improve the user experience for new and existing Pipelines:

      • Added a warning icon next to the objects for which Change Tracking is disabled. Hevo now adds these objects to the Pipeline in the SKIPPED state. You can enable Change Tracking for these objects and include them. This is an improvement over the earlier behavior as it prevents any errors that may be occurring in your Pipelines because of Change Tracking being disabled.

        This change is applicable for Pipelines created after Release 2.19.

        Object Selection

      • Enhanced the offset handling for ingesting incremental data from your database. This is an improvement over the earlier behavior as this reduces any data mismatch issues that may be occurring in the Destination.

        This change is applicable for new and existing Pipelines.

  • Granular Control over Data Ingestion in Oracle

    • Introduced the following options in the Oracle integration (all variants) to improve the user experience for Pipelines created after Release 2.19:

      • Ingest data only from online archived logs.

      • Specify the amount of data that Hevo must fetch in a single database query.

        The above settings allow you to customize and have finer control over how Hevo fetches data from the redo logs in your Oracle database.

    • Improved the ingestion mechanism to reduce any data mismatch and latency issues that may be occurring during the data replication process.

      Read Generic Oracle and Amazon RDS Oracle.

User Experience

  • Hevo SaaS Offering on AWS Marketplace

  • Removed Support for XMIN as a Query Mode for PostgreSQL Source

    • Starting Release 2.19, Hevo has stopped supporting XMIN as a query mode for all variants of the PostgreSQL Source. As a result, you will not be able to create new Pipelines using this query mode. This change does not affect existing Pipelines. However, you will not be able to change the query mode to XMIN for any objects currently ingesting data using other query modes.
  • Revamped REST API Content for Improved Readability (Added in Release 2.18.1)

    • Restructured the REST API Source content to enhance its readability and usability. Further, new content has been added to help you troubleshoot some commonly encountered issues while setting up REST API as a Source in your Pipeline.

      Read REST API and Troubleshooting the REST API Setup.

Fixes and Improvements

Refer to this section for the list of fixes and improvements implemented from Release 2.18 to 2.18.3.


  • Handling of Database Names in SQL Server Destinations (Fixed in Release 2.18.3)

    • Fixed issues whereby:

      • Periods (.) were not allowed in the Database Name field while configuring SQL Server as a Destination. This fix applies to all SQL Server Destinations created after Release 2.18.3.

      • Database names containing periods (.) were incorrectly formatted when pasted into the Destination workbench query console. This fix applies to new and existing SQL Server Destinations.


  • Handling Ingestion Failures in Mailchimp

    • Fixed an issue whereby the ingestion task failed if records in the object from which it is fetching data were deleted.

      This fix applies to new and existing Pipelines.

  • Ingesting Events Object by Default in Stripe

    • Removed the Events object from the Select Objects page to ensure that it is not inadvertently skipped while configuring Stripe as a Source. Now, Hevo ingests the Events object by default. This is an improvement over the earlier behavior where you could skip the object, preventing Hevo from capturing further updates.

      To include the skipped Events object in existing Pipelines, you need to contact Hevo Support.

User Experience

  • Enhanced Scrolling Experience in the Destination Overview Page (Fixed in Release 2.18.2)

    • Improved the placement of the Back to Top ( Back to Top icon ) icon in the Destination Overview page for better user experience while scrolling.
  • Handling of Large Numbers while Testing Transformations (Fixed in Release 2.18.2)

    • Fixed an issue whereby large numbers were being truncated while testing Transformations on sample Events. This fix applies to all new and existing Pipelines.

      We recommend that you review any Transformations that involve large numbers.

User Interface

  • Handling of Custom Data Type Fields while Mapping Tables Manually (Fixed in Release 2.18.3)

    • Fixed an issue whereby the user interface (UI) stopped responding while trying to manually map tables with custom data type field(s). This fix applies to new and existing Pipelines.

Documentation Updates

The following pages have been created, enhanced, or removed in Release 2.19:

About Hevo

Data Ingestion

Data Loading


Events Usage

Getting Started




  • Models FAQs

    • Can I use Models to make changes to the data in my Source? (Removed and the content merged into SQL Models)

    • Can I use Models to transform and load data in real-time? (Removed and the content merged into SQL Models and Working with SQL Models)

  • Workflow FAQs

Account Management

  • Account Management FAQs

    • Is there a limit on the number of users in Hevo? (Deleted)
  • Billing FAQs

    • Can I get a plan apart from the Starter plan? (Deleted)

    • Can I load data to multiple Destinations in a single Hevo subscription? (Removed and the content merged into Pricing Plans)

    • Can I pause billing for some time if there are no active Pipelines in my account? (Removed and the content merged into Setting up Pricing Plans, Billing, and Payments)

    • Can you provide more information about the pricing plans in Hevo? (Removed and the content merged into Pricing Plans)

    • Do I need different Hevo subscriptions for my production and development environments? (Removed and the content merged into Pricing Plans)

    • Do the Events ingested by the Pipeline count towards my billing? (Deleted)

    • Do you provide a discount for non-profit organizations? (Deleted)

    • How can I upgrade my plan? (Deleted)

    • I accidentally signed up for an annual plan instead of a monthly plan. Will I get a refund from Hevo? (Deleted)

    • What is the duration of the Free plan? Can I load 1 Million Events per month for an unlimited time under the Free plan? (Removed and the content merged into Pricing Plans)

    • Where do I get invoices for payments? (Deleted)

    • Will my Pipeline get paused if I exceed the monthly Events quota? (Removed and the content merged into Pricing Plans and Billing Alerts)

    • Will the initial load of data be free? (Deleted)

  • Pricing Plans

  • Setting up Pricing Plans, Billing, and Payments

  • Viewing Billing History

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